Exposure Fine Art Gallery

In The Gallery

We are currently featuring prints from a collection still being created, crystal blossom sculptures and "Consciousness of the Universe" a mixed media piece all from artist Tom Suhler.

In Midstream is the temporary title of the collection currently being created in this studio. "It's difficult to know where this process will take us," says Tom Suhler. "I've been combining smoke, light and curious dancers for the last few months creating unique imagery. But we still have a lot more to explore in this world. Come by and see the set where we are creating these pieces." His creative process includes shaping a real world environment for the dancers to explore and engage, making digital manipulation of these images unnecessary.

Crystal Blossoms Sculptures form a new genre he's been creating for the last year. They combine amethyst, citrine, fluorite and quartz crystals with lights and glass creating representations of flowers ranging from naturalistic to abstract. Each of these pieces can have its lighting design customized from a web browser.

Consciousness of the Universe is a mixed media wall piece combining Fused Glass, Giclée Print, Plexiglas, Resin, Pigments, LED lights. Inspired by Carl Sagan's idea that "We are a way for the cosmos to know itself." This piece gives physical form to the many thoughts stimulated by that idea.